REM Pipeline Consultants, LLC has many years of experience in the preparation of construction and major material specifications and in evaluating proposals submitted by contractors and vendors to determine which proposal or quotation meets the best balance of cost, schedule and constructability.

We are skilled at analyzing the drivers behind the corporate goals of each individual owner company and modifications to those drivers as they occur during the course of a project. Clearly prepared construction documents and a well defined construction strategy will ensure that construction related problems and claims will be minimized.

Our engineering and management personnel can prepare original construction documents for use in bidding a project to construction contractors, or can work with the owner company’s standard documents. Our personnel are particularly skilled at reviewing contract documents prepared by both engineering contractors and construction contractors. Our review will point out areas where there is potential for incurring extra costs and areas which could lead to potential litigation.

Many times the most serious issues found in contracts are what is not said and is therefore left to be interpreted when the issue develops. It is always better to mitigate issues that have a reasonable possibility of occurrence, prior to dealing with them during construction.

Once bids are received, we are skilled at reviewing competitive proposals submitted by construction contractors and normalizing them into a coherent spread sheet for final review by the owner company. We will also assist with background checks of construction contractors before preparing the bidders list and can assist with more detailed checks related to safety, financial stability and insurance coverages before the contract is awarded.

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