REM Pipeline Consultants can lead the development or assist in the development of Project Execution Plans for business development or project teams. REM’s personnel have extensive knowledge of the typical project lifecycle and can advise the business and project teams on where and when to focus on the many identifiable aspects of the project execution planning process to efficiently utilize engineering and construction manpower, manage risk, and meet the business and commercial goals.

In development of the project execution plan, REM’s personnel will initially focus on goal and objective setting. Business, economic, and commercials goals will be set out along side of environmental, safety, process safety, technical integrity, reliability and operability goals. With the project goals set, conflicts related to capital spending, including scope creep, can be readily addressed and resolved.

Additional areas of the project execution planning process in which REM personnel may provide advice and expertise include the following:

  • Description of the project with identified boundaries, constraints and business objectives.
  • Key performance criteria of the asset.
  • Contracting strategies delineating both internal and external project resources.
  • Project management and risk management strategies.
  • Project safety and operating strategies.
  • Material procurement strategies.
  • Process and engineering design.
  • Construction management and constructability issues.
  • Commissioning strategies and procedures.

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