Operability and reliability of the pipelines, compressor stations, pump stations, metering stations and other related facilities both during start up and future years of operation is a very important part of the economics of a new project. Therefore, operability and reliability goals should be set out early in the project execution plan. The pipeline and related pump or compressor stations and other facilities can then be designed to focus on the goals and operating expense.

REM Pipeline Consultants, LLC recommends that an Operability and Reliability Review be conducted during the conceptual engineering stage and again in the early part of the FEED stage of a project, to address operating and reliability concerns in regards to equipment selection and maintenance. Once these concerns are met, safety and environmental issues will also be mitigated.

Our personnel have significant experience in leading operability and reliability reviews with operating, engineering and construction company personnel in a team effort. We can inspect your project and provide a valuable external view of your project operability and reliability issues.

Our personnel can also review your existing operations and provide you with an external view of your pipeline and facilities safety, environmental, and operating health.

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