REM Pipeline Consultants, LLC is experienced at providing “expert witness” and other litigation support to owner Companies, both through the owner company’s legal counsel and as a direct consultant to the owner company for matters related to natural gas, oil, refined products, CO2, industrial gasses and water pipelines and their related facilities.

Robert E. McFadden, PE has provided expert witness testimony as well as technical reports in a number of legal proceedings including trials, arbitrations and mediations. Expert witness testimony and reports have involved disputes related to pipeline design, major water crossing construction projects, offshore pipeline and facility projects, pipeline construction projects and pipeline safety issues.

With thirty five years in the pipeline engineering and construction industry, Robert E. McFadden, PE can help the owner company’s counsel to identify the issues that will support the owner company’s case. Often of equal importance, issues or conditions that may favor the opposition can be identified so that the owner company’s counsel can be prepared to defend such issues.

In addition, as President of a large pipeline engineering company, Mr. McFadden has handled several significant litigations.

An addendum to Mr. McFadden’s resume which details expert witness and litigation support experience is available upon request of counsel for the owner company.

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