Curriculum Vitae of

Jim W. Best

Experience Summary:

Jim has more than 35 years of experience in domestic and international engineering management support for gas processing/oil/refining plants and facilities, project management of onshore and offshore pipeline and compression projects, and project/business development of the early stages of major international projects. His experience also includes five years of E&P operations and maintenance management of three gas processing plants in the Permian Basin of west Texas. Projects have included onshore pipelines in the USA-Middle East & Artic, offshore pipelines in the Middle East and North Sea, large integrated gas processing plants, LPG fractionation plants, NGL related transportation facilities, refinery relief systems, compressor and pump stations, and offshore compression and topside facilities.

Jim's operating company management responsibilities have included large ad-hoc engineering teams, project and business development teams, and directly managed company engineering teams teamed with engineering contractors. Jim has a thorough understanding of the project management process from inception, conceptual design, design selection, detail design, construction execution, and operations.

In complex business development situations, Jim has used his broad business perspective and insight to effectively deliver the best operational and technical solutions while influencing company leadership, peers, government authorities and external joint venture partners.

Career highlights include:

    • Worldwide Program Manager - Refining Relief Systems in BP Refining. Jim was responsible for leading and coordinating the efforts of the Refining Relief Systems Task Force (RSTF) composed of engineering managers from 12 BP owned/operated refineries. The RSTF was responsible to conduct process safety and environmental risk analysis of atmospheric relief valve releases using LOPA and to develop common mitigation strategies and engineering design.
    • Project Manager, Engineering Technical Practices (ETP) in BP Group Technology reporting to the Group Director of Engineering. Jim managed the budget and directly managed a large ad-hoc engineering team to create a suite of over 400 ETPs or engineering knowledge documents for all engineering disciplines. The engineering team included three highly experienced BP engineers managing the efforts of some 80 BP engineering experts (E&P, Refining and Chemicals) along with the engineering talents of more than 100 engineering consultants on a part time basis. Jim's team also created IT systems to provide worldwide access to the ETPs and to capture engineering knowledge via a shared learning system.
    • Project Cost and Schedule Engineer - Northern Gas Pipeline Study – Anchorage, Calgary, Houston. Developed pipeline and compression design alternatives, cost estimates, and schedules for the $8 billion and 4 BCFD gas pipeline from the North Slope Alaska to Alberta Canada. The engineering directly supported the business development group.
    • Business Development Engineering Manager –  Egypt Mediterranean gas plant and NGL Project working in Egypt and Houston
    • Pipeline Project engineering – Developed early stage design alternatives and cost estimates for the North Sea Central Area Transportation System proposed expansion working out of Houston, Aberdeen, and London.
    • Project EPC Manager for the Jordan Gas Pipeline Project (JGPL) and Gulf of Aqaba Deepwater Pipeline Crossing Project in the country of Jordan. Responsibilities included cost estimates and design of the gas pipeline working with Tractebel located in Belgium. The management role included the overall coordination role of the JGPL and the Central Sinai Gas Pipeline for the Egypt Gas Business Unit.
    • Asset Account Manager- Business development engineering for the Eastern Mediterranean, Arabian Gulf, Eastern Europe, and Africa representing the Amoco Worldwide E&C Group.
    • Asset Account Manager- Jordan, Egypt Pipeline Exports, Arabian Gulf, Bolivia. Amoco Common Project Process (ACP) advocate and ACP Trainer. Oman to Sharjah Gas Project.   
    • Project engineering support to GUPCO (Egypt)
    • Project Engineering Manager -  Trinidad Offshore Compression projects Teak and Poui
    • Operations Manager Permian Basin – 5 years as operations and maintenance manager of 3 West Texas gas processing plants. Managed the large Wasson CO2 Removal Plant (WCRP) which extracted and re‑injected CO2 as part of the tertiary oil recovery projects. Responsible for all activities associated with both operation, maintenance, and small construction projects at the WCRP, Cedar Lake Gasoline Plant with 6-8% H2S in the inlet, and the Hobbs Fractionation Plant.
      • Managed 52 people in the operating organization with 7 foremen directly supervised. Job duties consisted of day to day operations and maintenance, troubleshooting, and redesigning the operating systems to obtain mechanical equipment reliability and up time while increasing production, identifying high operating cost areas while managing and controlling operating costs.
      • Directed engineers to help plan, budget, and implement small projects up to $1.5 MM.
      • Safety and Environmental issues were also directly managed. Major emergency drills were planned and implemented at all 3 plants. Amoco Corporation EH&S Compliance Reviews were conducted at each plant. Normal personnel safety rules and regulations were implemented using the Amoco Production Co. Safety Manual. HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) trained. Implemented the OSHA 1910.119 Process Safety Management procedures at the 3 plants.
      • Environmentally, Jim dealt with air pollution issues from incinerators, vents, flares and turbine exhausts and handled reporting and clean-up of chemical spills of acid and bases.
      • Jim also managed the personnel in the areas of salary administration, ratings and rankings, Amoco Performance Management, personnel moves and promotions using a canvassing procedure, hourly policy, and grievances. Jim was also responsible for rolling out new Amoco initiatives such as: Recognitions and Rewards, Employee Involvement, Continuous Improvement and others while promoting team work with the field operating groups.
      • WCRP was a very highly automated plant which generated 20MW of electricity using a Rolls Royce/Cooper RB-211 Gas Turbine. Jim is therefore very knowledgeable about electrical generation and instrumentation issues associated with gas turbines. 
      • The major pieces of equipment with which I have directly maintained are: 4-6500HP D-R motor driven compressors, 1-20 MW Rolls Royce/Cooper RB-211 Gas Turbine/Electrical Generator (28000 BHP) with Waste Heat Recovery Package, 2-5000HP York Centrifugal propane compressors, 1750 BHP Ruston Gas Turbine and 30,000 BPD @ 1800 psig water flood pump and station, 4-fractionation columns, separators & scrubbers, process H2O demineralizer, MDEA system, LO-CAT H2S removal unit, TEG dehydrator, and Fisher PROVOX distributed control system including online chromatographs, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, level indication and control,etc.  Utility systems included propane refrigeration system, an water absorption Ammonia refrigeration system,  a cooling tower water system (closed loop), water-gas-oil filtration, domestic water system, instrument air, and sanitation facilities.  The WCRP was designed to process 80 MMSCFD of 90% CO2 rich casinghead gas. As a result, Jim is very aware of severe corrosion problems. 
    • Project Construction/Start-up Engineer for the Wasson CO2 Removal Plant
    • Process Design Engineer Wasson CO2 Removal Plant - Permian Basin Texas. Developed and patented an innovative design for H2S extraction for a high CO2 gas stream. 
    • Engineering Supervisor – West Texas Plants

    Educational Background:

    B.S. in Chemical Engineering - 1978   Texas Tech University - Lubbock, Texas

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