REM Pipeline Consultants, LLC specializes in performing and assisting operating companies and their business development and engineering personnel in the performance of Project Feasibility Studies for all types of pipeline and related facility projects, including onshore and offshore projects. Feasibility studies have been conducted while working with international and domestic engineering firms, as well as for pipeline operating companies within the USA and in international locations. Feasibilty studies and associated cost estimates require more engineering than the Conceptual Engineering Phase of a project and yeild a +/-25% cost estimate quality. See the Front End Engineering figure below.

Our personnel are experienced in performing all facets of project feasibility studies including;

• Conceptual pipeline and related facility design for natural gas transmission, oil and
  products transmission, gathering and processing systems, CO2 industrial gases and water
  delivery projects.

• Preliminary pipeline route selection for pipelines crossing crop land, rolling hills, rivers, and
  mountainous terrains in rural and congested urban areas. We are also experienced in
  routing pipelines in desert and arctic environments.
• Optimum spacing and site selection for compressor and pump stations, block valves,
  metering stations, processing and storage sites and other facilities.
• Investigation and understanding of federal, state and local permitting requirements
• Investigating, determining and understanding of local country code requirements and
customs protocol for international projects.
• Determining local right of way procurement requirements and procedures.
• Material and construction cost estimates.

REM’s personnel have experience working on pipeline engineering and development projects in the following countries:

• Canada
• China
• Thailand
• Trinidad
• Bolivia
• Argentina
• Equator
• United Kingdom
• Belgium
• The Netherlands
• Spain
• Australia
• Egypt
• Jordan
• Afghanistan
• Oman
• United Arab Emirates
• Qatar
• Pakistan
• Azerbaijan
• Turkey
• Nigeria
• Congo

• Bangladesh
• Israel
• India
• Indonesia

In addition, our engineers and managers have traveled to and made business contacts with operating and governmental personnel in many other countries. We clearly understand the importance of making the right local contacts and understanding the local customs, which are critically important to successful pipeline design, construction and operations in countries around the world.

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