REM Pipeline Consultants, LLC is experienced in performing Due Diligence Investigations for acquisition of natural gas, oil, refined products and industrial gas pipeline transmission and gathering systems and their related compressor stations, pump stations, metering facilities, treating and processing facilities and other appurtenances.

We also can determine the fair market value of an operating or gathering system for the purchase or sale of the asset or for contesting valuations in the case of eminent domain situations.

Due diligence evaluations very often involve information which is extremely confidential, from a negotiation standpoint and for commercial reasons. REM Pipeline Consultants personnel maintain the highest degree of confidentiality in these situations. We can also act as a surrogate for an acquiring party that wishes to remain anonymous during preliminary negotiations.

Our services can include evaluation of the net present value of existing pipeline system and facilities by calculating the replacement value of existing pipelines and facilities, and the earnings potential based on current or anticipated usage. We can also verify an existing system’s compliance with various codes and industry accepted standards; verify the existence of proper construction and testing records and verify historical operating pressures and throughput data.

Values may also be derived based on the income producing potential of the pipeline asset as well as other intangible conditions that will vary from system to system. In such cases, the experience of REM Pipeline Consultants in determining the true drivers of the asset’s value can be extremely beneficial to helping the client to make an informed decision as to whether to buy or sell the asset and to set a fair price.

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