Constructability reviews are an integral part of following “Best Practices” in the design and construction of pipeline and facility projects. REM Pipeline Consultants, LLC recommends that a constructability review be conducted during the early part of the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) stage of any natural gas, oil, refined products, CO2 or industrial gas pipeline and related facility project. The early part of the FEED stage is the appropriate time to address constructability issues so that the physical design and layout can be adapted to reduce overall construction cost.

We have significant experience in leading constructability reviews with operating, engineering and construction company personnel in a team effort. A few of the items that the constructability team will address are as follows:

• Focus on limiting site work which reduces construction cost
• Safe working issues associated with construction in a operating facility

o Develop ways to maximize off-site fabrication to minimize on site manpower
o Determine if skid mounted modules can be used
o Determine the effect on construction timing if skidded equipment is utilized
o Discuss lifting issues and lifting design of skids
o Discuss tie-ins and phased completions
o Special logistical requirements for large equipment

• Construction issues for a “Greenfield” site should include

o Labor cost studied to determine the balance between onsite and offsite work
o Personnel safety issues and control of work

Our personnel can inspect your project and provide a valuable external view of your construction project issues.

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