REM Pipeline Consultants, LLC specializes in working with Midstream and Oil&Gas operating company business development and engineering personnel in the early stages of projects to develop conceptual cost estimates and conceptual design for pipeline and gas processing projects. Conceptual design projects include onshore and offshore pipelines, compressor stations, pump stations, metering and pressure regulating facilities, tank farms, treating and processing facilities, main line block valves, offshore platform risers, subsea taps, major and minor water crossings, cathodic protection and other related facilities.

Conceptual engineering normally generates cost estimates of a +/- 40% plus estimate quality. High level rules of thumb and costs are used for this phase of a project. See Conceptual Engineering activities below. Currently, pipelines are averaging $1.3 MM to $2 MM per mile depending on pipeline size and compressor stations are approximately $3,500 per ISO BHP installed.

REM’s personnel have completed conceptual designs for projects in the USA and in many international locations. Types of projects have included large and small diameter onshore and offshore natural gas transmission, crude oil, products, gathering systems, CO2, industrial gases and water pipelines together with related facilities.

REM’s personnel use their broad business perspective and insight of complex business situations to effectively deliver the best operational and technical solutions to meet your company’s business and project objectives. REM personnel will work in a team effort with your business development, economics, environmental, legal, and engineering personnel to investigate and evaluate options and alternatives for the conceptual pipeline design.

In international locations, REM personnel will meet with local country ministries and other governmental agencies to determine local regulations and requirements. REM Pipeline Consultants have found that through careful business and engineering evaluation during the conceptual pipeline design, the business objectives are best achieved.

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