REM Pipeline Consultants, LLC is experienced in negotiating construction claims of all types related to pipeline and related facility construction, both for onshore and offshore pipeline construction projects.

In many cases, contractors may make exorbitant claims for work which the contractor believes or claims to have been performed outside of their understanding of the contract or due to claimed actions or inactions of the owner company or its representatives during construction of the pipeline or facility. In some cases the dollar amount of the claims will far exceed the total value of the original contract.

It is extremely important for the owner company to have a clear understanding of how the contractor is approaching each claim. Although many claims may appear to be frivolous, further investigation may show that such a claim may have some validity under the contract terms. Other claims, which may appear to be legitimate, may well be excluded under the terms of the contract.

Our experienced personnel will thoroughly research each claim and provide the owner company with an understanding of the potential basis of each claim, along with potential defenses that the owner company may have which may mitigate or eliminate the claim.

We can also act in the capacity of the owner company’s negotiator to resolve claims. In many cases, acting as a negotiator can allow time to perform additional investigation and to avoid taking an immediate stand on an issue, since the final decision maker is “not in the room.”

Our experienced personnel have successfully resolved many contract disputes and negotiated many contract claims with construction contractors on natural gas, oil, refined products, CO2, and industrial gas pipelines. Negotiations handled by our personnel have resulted in savings of millions of dollars for the owner companies represented by REM Pipeline Consultants, LLC.

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