REM Pipeline Consultants are experienced in assisting business and project development managers with Strategic Consulting and Planning related to the development of new projects and new business opportunities as well as optimization of existing facilities.

Our experienced personnel will work closely with the operating company’s business development and engineering personnel to develop a clear process of evaluating potential opportunities and for developing multiple strategies for development of the opportunities.

We are ready to study new business opportunities to determine how such opportunities could fit in with existing offerings, as well as potential effects on revenues, operating costs and profitability.

Our engineers can evaluate existing facilities held by the Owner Company to optimize performance or to suggest potential acquisitions or divestitures to the Owner Company’s existing operating systems that could enhance the operations and profitability of the assets. Additional areas of strategic planning may include advice on the following:

 Contracting strategies
 Material procurement strategies
 Project team evaluations
 Risk management strategies
 Project management strategies

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