REM Pipeline Consultants, LLC provides Project Management services from the perspective of the “Owner’s Engineer”. As the “Owner’s Engineer”, the REM Pipeline Consultants always have the best interests of the Owner/Pipeline Operating Company as his principal goal.

REM Pipeline Consultants is not affiliated with any engineering services provider, material vendor or any construction contractor. As such, our primary focus is not to sell engineering design, survey or drafting hours, particular equipment or construction services. Our single focus is to deliver the best results for the owner company within the goals and budget constraints as set by the owner company.

Robert E. McFadden, PE has thirty five years of experience, both in the direct management of major projects and also in the management of large project teams. Jim W Best has over thirty years of experience with project management, process facility design and operations management with a major oil company. Both Mr. McFadden and Mr. Best have experience with domestic and international projects.

Our personnel are thoroughly familiar with the Stage Gate project approval processes utilized by many of the major oil and gas companies.

Institution of proper project management, scheduling and reporting processes can result in very substantial savings for any pipeline, compressor station, pump station or other related facility project.

Our project management personnel will assist the owner company with both sourcing and contracting for engineering contractors and for management of their work to ensure that quality services are being provided by the pipeline engineering contractor. We will also manage the material procurement and construction contractor selection and the performance of the contractor. We are very experienced in managing right of way and other land/easement acquisition programs. We specialize in being “Your Engineering Department” and as such; monitoring each aspect of the pipeline and facility design and construction work as if it were our own facility.

Delivery of an on time, under budget, safe and operable pipeline system is always the primary goal of REM Pipeline Consultants.

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